First of all, I want to make an announcement.

The biggest one.

Finally, I got a job! Bruhh!!

After applying countless application letters to the companies in many places. I really did it!

However, it took several times until I received an interview’s invitation call. But, it’s totally okay.


Dear Mrs. Future love of my life,

Pardon me if this is kind of sudden.

I wrote this message in order to inform you that I am still looking for you and wanting you to be found.

I am real, and I am always here. I am close, closer than…

This afternoon I had a short conversation with a little boy that sat beside me. This was kind of chit chat actually. I randomly asked him about his learning activities. For your information, he is a second grade student.

“Did you go to school today, kid?”

“Nope,” he said “I…

Here are several things to do for a new employee in order to prepare his/her best future financial:

1. Saving Money

“Calon orang sukses adalah orang yang menunda kesenangannya”
& “tunda senangmu untuk suksesmu!” –Alit Susanto(@shitlicious)

Sebagai seseorang yang baru mulai bekerja, usahakan untuk menyisihkan sebagian dari penghasilan bulanan. …

Farhan Ibnu

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